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Space Liberator is a 2D top down shooter, with procedural level generation and with a little bit of inventory management.

You play a space ship commander who was hire by a big corporation to clean a star system. You have to destroy parasites, the local form of life.


This game has to be played with a gamepad. It’s not recommended, but if you want to use a keyboard :

  • Menu selection : wasd
  • Ship movement : ad
  • A => q
  • B => e
  • X => space
  • Y => c
  • LB => u
  • RB => i
  • LT => y
  • RT => o
  • Back => escape
  • Start => p



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SpaceLiberatorV1.1_Windows.zip 18 MB
SpaceLiberatorV1.1_MacOSX.zip 20 MB


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Man, thing looks real damn fun, but it just doesn't wanna cooperate. I do not currently have a gamepad available, and, contrary to what your description says, the game seems to be completely unaware of my keyboard's existence.

I downloaded VJoy and even x360ce, but to no avail. The closest i got to a playable state was being able to steer my ship... although the directions were inverted. Couldn't fire my weapons, couldn't do the (oh-so-awesome) inertial flight, couldn't even navigate the menu properly.

Judging by the trailer, this game is amazing. But it's ridiculously unusable as of now, at least for those who don't own a gamepad.

And yeah, yeah, i know, not owning a gamepad in 2019 is somewhat ridiculous. But IMO, this doesn't seem like the kind of game that would benefit from gamepad input. In fact, it might just be a bit too complex for gamepad input, i reckon, and would be more playable with a keyboard.

Whatever the case, please fix your input system and make sure it handles the keyboard properly. And/or maybe tell Unity to show the prelaunch input manager.

Hope you handle this issue soon. Can't wait to blast these alien bugs to bits.

My OS is Windows 10, if that's of any help. Not sure what other kind of system info would be useful. If you need any more details, please reply.

Hi! It’s a little strange...

It works fine on all my computers.

Does your keyboard is in English ?

In the game, do you put some energy in components? You have to go to the BACK menu and add energy to activate buttons. It’ always a little bit confusing in the beginning…

If it’s not that, I will try to find the bug. A new version with bugs corrections and balance corrections will be released soon. I hope it will work for you !

Not sure what you mean by "your keyboard is English", but i am writing in English right now using it, so i suppose it is.

I didn't put any energy into the components because i didn't even get the steering under control. Again, the game doesn't acknowledge the existence of my keyboard at all, and doesn't really cooperate with VJoy, either. Shooting weapons is secondary to moving and, most importantly, being able to navigate the main menu to be able to start a game.

Which, by the way, doesn't work with the keyboard, either. The only way i managed to start a game is by fiddling with the game by emulating a gamepad via VJoy. Using the keyboard directly doesn't even allow me to select things in the main menu.

Again, i think you should toggle the Input Selector™ on for this project just in case people encounter the same issues i did. There's no guarantee it would help but... it wouldn't hurt, that's for sure.

Hope you fix it soon.

I make you a test version with Input Selector. Let me know if that works. Inputs are bit of a mess...


Well, it seems to be working now... and it seems like the issue was on my side.

The addition of the pre-launch Input Selector dialog made me look into the issue in more detail and try all the keys again. And, as it turns out, i didn't try all of them before. Several of them worked, and i was even able to enter a mission by pressing Q twice. Still, the WASD input didn't work a single bit. It felt... stuck. As if some gamepad was connected and the stick on it was pulled fully to the side.

Which made me check my gamepads(or the lack thereof) again using that html5gamepad site. Turns out there were two virtual gamepads, which were VJoy's fault, and they were outputting NaN(is that even legal?!) on most of their axes. 

I went to the Device Manager and shut them down. And yep, the game is now fully playable.

Long story short, i am not smart.

Sorry for wasting your time like that. I'll go ahead and finally try the game out properly, probably tomorrow. Though i did play it for like 5 minutes today after i figured out my input issues and, unsurprisingly, it looks and feels really good.

I think you should keep the pre-launch Input Selector enabled, though. It's quite the useful thing, allowing players to tune the settings(input, graphics quality, screen resolution) through a reliable UI.

Yeah... sorry again. I should've handled this better

No worries mate! Have fun!

looks fun gonna gice it a try! :D